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What's MileageTracker?

Mileage Tracker is a free, web based calculator and log that allows you to keep track of mileage (or litres per 100 kilometres!), parts, and maintenance for your car, boat, ATV, or anything with wheels, really. It lets you record how much gas you purchased, how much it cost, how much you paid for it, and how many miles you went. With this information, Mileage Tracker calculates your gas mileage, how much money you spend on gas, and other similar statistics. The more information you enter, the more you can see how different things affect your vehicles' gas mileage, like time of year, power modifications, where you purchased your gas, maintenance, etc.

How much information do I have to enter?

Not very much! At the very least, an e-mail address and password are all that's required to start an account (your e-mail address is only used so you can reset your password if you forget it). After that, all you need to do is keep track of how far you drive between fillups. What I do is reset my trip meter at each fillup - at the next fillup, I keep the receipt and write on it the mileage shown on the trip meter. The rest of the information, like gallons purchased and cost, is all on the receipt.

Can I keep track of anything else?

Sure! There are fields for keeping track of your vehicle's maintenance and any new parts you might add.

What kind of information will I see?

Here's a sample!
Example Data Example Graph

How do I get started?

Just click here to register!

Sitewide Averages

Number of Users: 18577 Top Mileage by Make/Model:

 1. Frieghtliner (45.34 mpg)
 2. Oldsmobile Cutlass (39.26 mpg)
 3. Mini Cooper S (34.04 mpg)
 4. Peugeot Partner (34 mpg)
 5. Daewoo Nubira (31.34 mpg)

Average Mileage: 30.095 mpg
Average 2008 Cost Per Gallon: US$ 3.31
Average 2007 Cost Per Gallon: US$ 2.856
National Unleaded Average:
Data courtesy
Regular Mid Premium Diesel E85 E85 MPG/BTU Adj Price

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